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It finally happened!

It finally happened! After the best part of a year agonising over which photos to put on my wall, I actually have pictures in frames!!!

I'm one of the biggest procrastinators. Not because I waste time and put things off, but because I like to get things right first time. Unfortunately, this can often be at the expense of doing something at all! Check out my blog on the perfect copper coin tin to see what I mean!

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Picture frames redux

Many moons ago, I blogged about filling the empty picture frames adorning the walls of my East London flat. Well I still haven't filled them! However, tomorrow I shall be going to Focus on Imaging at the NEC to give a talk for Hasselblad, and there will be undoubtedly stands there offering free prints in order to showcase the latest printers. This to me seems like a golden opportunity to fill at least a few of the blank spaces that stare at me on a daily basis!

So it's back to the initial problem... What do I put in the frames? Well I think I've got a bit closer to making a decision...

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Procrastination and the problem of the perfect tin

It's funny how sometimes a small thing can trigger a dramatic change in how you live your life. It all started when I decided to clear my desk. I'm generally a tidy person, provided things have a place. As long as something has a place, I will always put it in that place. Unfortunately, if something is yet to be given a place, it will end up in a pile, with other placeless things, until such time as I find them a home, or through the whole lot in the bin.

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Choosing photos for my walls

Right people, I need your help. I've been living in my flat for a few months now, and the time has come to really start turning it into a home. The other day, I finally got round to putting some picture frames up on the walls. Trouble is, they don't have any photos in them!

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New life in the big smoke!

I finally did it! Two days ago I packed my life into the back of a van and moved into my very own flat in East London.

For most of my life, (apart from a brief spell at art college), I've lived just outside London, in rural Buckinghamshire. Most of my work is now in London, as is my social life, so it's not like I'm a stranger to the big city. Travelling into London has always been easy enough, but when you start doing it a lot, Zone 9 (yes it really does exist!) can take forever to get to. So last October I started looking for somewhere a bit more central.

To begin with, I had no idea where I wanted to live. I looked at places all over London, quickly realising that my expectations didn't entirely match my budget. Eventually at the beginning of the year, I settled on East London as the right area for me, and in March I finally found 'the one'.

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