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Procrastination and the problem of the perfect tin

It's funny how sometimes a small thing can trigger a dramatic change in how you live your life. It all started when I decided to clear my desk. I'm generally a tidy person, provided things have a place. As long as something has a place, I will always put it in that place. Unfortunately, if something is yet to be given a place, it will end up in a pile, with other placeless things, until such time as I find them a home, or through the whole lot in the bin.

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Let there be light!

Sometimes things take far longer than they need to, and prove to be far more effort than you expected. And then after you're done, you wonder what was all the fuss about? Well today I finally got my vintage lampshade up in my kitchen! It's only taken me 6 months, but it's finally up!

So, wind the clock back to the first half of 2012. When I first viewed my flat, it was setup like a show home. It was sparsely furnished with white furniture and fur rugs. There was also a large glass chandelier hanging in the kitchen.

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Choosing photos for my walls

Right people, I need your help. I've been living in my flat for a few months now, and the time has come to really start turning it into a home. The other day, I finally got round to putting some picture frames up on the walls. Trouble is, they don't have any photos in them!

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