Picture frames redux

Photo Frames

Many moons ago, I blogged about filling the empty picture frames adorning the walls of my East London flat. Well I still haven't filled them! However, tomorrow I shall be going to Focus on Imaging at the NEC to give a talk for Hasselblad, and there will be undoubtedly stands there offering free prints in order to showcase the latest printers. This to me seems like a golden opportunity to fill at least a few of the blank spaces that stare at me on a daily basis!

So it's back to the initial problem... What do I put in the frames? Well I think I've got a bit closer to making a decision...

First up is a set of 3 frames that run along the wall of my bedroom. I've decided to put images from my travels around the world. Question is, which three from the ones below do you think would best go together?

Directly opposite the set of 3 frames, is a single frame on it's own. I've made this decision (hurrah!), it's an image from Jasper Conran's AW13 show at London Fashion Week.

Jasper Conran

Next up is a single landscape image next to my bedroom door. I need to choose from these 2 images...

Finally, and this is still the hardest part. The 4 large frames in the kitchen (pictured at the top of this blog). They're the first thing you see when walking into my flat, so I want to show my work, and what I do. I've narrowed it down to these...

I'd appreciate any suggestions or comments, although I do feel like this is the copper coin tin all over again!