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Fragrance Review - Bleu De Chanel

I love Chanel, but being a boy, they don't make anything for me to wear. Beyond clothing, however, Chanel do produce an extensive offering of mens fragrances, and I've worn a few of them over the years. One notable scent that I wore extensively during my teen years, was Platinum Égoïste which is a woody floral fragrance. I tried it again recently, and I'm not into it as much anymore.

I received this bottle of Bleu de Chanel as a birthday present last year from Mum and Dad. I had no idea what it was going to smell like, or even what the note breakdown was, but it features on many top 10 lists, so it must be good right?

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The Clothes Whisperer @ D&Me / One Vintage

Just before Christmas, myself and Kristin Knox (aka The Clothes Whisperer) teamed up with Amy Brandon and ran riot at vintage store D&Me in Kensington.

The idea behind this editorial is that of a little girl playing "dress up", albeit in some rather awesome and expensive vintage attire!

D&Me was an amazing location. The stunning clothes and endless supply of props (I never expected a location to have a ready supply of flamingoes!) all added to the styling of the shoot. It was also nice to be somewhere warm when all outside was cold and windy! It's definitely about time I got booked for a shoot in the Maldives I reckon! Anyway, I hope you like the images as much as we enjoyed shooting them. Expect to see a lot more collaborations between myself and the Clothes Whisperer in 2012!

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Workflow : U Magazine

The majority of people see a photograph as a true and realistic depiction of a scene or person. What they might not be aware of is that it's actually an illusion. Real life is three dimensional. We can see distances due to having two eyes, which also allows us to determine whether things have depth or mass. A photograph is a two dimension interpretation of a three dimensional scene. To compensate, photographers use all manner of tricks to capture either the look and feel of real life, or to create a fantasy world. Either way, it's all an illusion.

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Vintage Vogue

Last year, one of my Twitter friends tweeted about getting her 'Birthday Vogue'. I thought this was an awesome idea for a present for my mum for Christmas, and while scouring the internet for vintage magazines, I stumbled across my own... December 1979. I thought it would be rude not to buy it!

I have a Vogue subscription so I'm always flicking through the pages, both for my interest in Fashion, but also because I love getting inspiration for shoots, and seeing the latest photographic trends, so it's interesting to see what was en-vogue (pun intended) over 30 years ago!

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