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Choosing the Right Hiking Boots

One of my New Years resolutions for last year was to be more like James Bond. As I said in my blog post about it, in any situation he’s capable and ready for whatever comes his way. It’s a very masculine trait, and for the brief time I was in the cub scouts as a kid, I remember the motto as ‘be prepared’. 

I’ve never been one for ‘hiking’. I love walking, and will spend all day wandering cities around the world, but trekking through the outdoors has just never really been a huge part of my life. Not because I’m adverse to it, it’s just never happened all that often. The result of that is a serious lack of the right gear, notably footwear!

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Spring in my Step

In my last outfit post, I was rocking my old Timberlands. I’ve had these boots for probably about ten years. They’re beat up and tired, but they just keep getting more comfy every year... until this year. Plus they developed an annoying squeak when I walked.

Thankfully, Timberland on Oxford Street had an in store ‘cobber’ service, so I popped in to give my old boots some love. They were given a clean and brush, some new laces, which were made shorter than the original laces they came with, to suit me better. Finally I picked up some new in-soles to replace the pancake flat crusty things I’ve been walking on until now.

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