2011 : A Retrospective

So that's 2011 just about done and dusted, so as usual, everyone's looking back on what has often been a rubbish year of disappointments, and harping on about how much better 2012 is going to be, and how how it's going to be "their year"! I'm writing this having just finished my "2011 Book", which is now uploading to blurb.com. For those who don't know about my books, you can find out what I'm on about here. It's always interesting looking back at the previous 12 months, to see what you've achieved and where you are currently. I find it's a really good way of pushing and focussing yourself in the months to come. 2011 for me hasn't actually been all bad... In fact, a lot of it has been pretty good. Even some of the bad stuff has taught me a lot, which can only be a good thing.

For me, a lot of 2011 was about finding a direction. It's all very well being able to take a good photo, but part of being a successful photographer is knowing what you want to take photos of, and how. So on that basis I've been doing a lot of personal work in order to focus my book to show more of me, and my way of working. Of course, this is something that will never stop. A photographers style should never be a conscious thing. It should be the natural way he/she sees the world, and should change and evolve over time like any other artist.

So what else happened in 2011? Well I added to my celebrity portfolio with people like Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame, and the cast of Hollyoaks. I went to Fashion Weeks both in London and Paris, and had several magazine articles written about me and my work. I also had more work published in magazines around the world in places I've never been to haha. So all in all, quite positive really.

Of course I did learn some valuable lessons. Most importantly, I learned that there are some incredibly ruthless and selfish people out there that are determined to lie and cheat their way to the top at the expense of others. Thankfully, these people are in a minority, and it's just my bad luck to have come across a few of them. People keep telling me that karma exists, so we shall see if their approach pays dividends.

2011 has had its share of legal battles for me... which are still ongoing. I can be quite self righteous when I want to be. I'm currently in a legal battle over another photographer using my images to advertise his services, and I'm also involved in another wrangle over copyright of my work. I take my photographic career very seriously and won't have people infringe my rights as a photographer. I will always defend them to the end!

Looking forward to 2012, what's going to be happening? Well to be honest, I have no idea, and that's what makes it so exciting. I have an immense feeling of anticipation of amazing things about to happen, and it's this that spurs me on. My career goals and ambition are as focused as ever so next year will be a continuation on my journey. It's going to be hard work, I'll probably make mistakes, but it's going to be exciting.

So 2012... Let's get started, I'm ready for ya!