Out : LFW Round-Up


So London Fashion Week AW11 is over. It's back to normality... whatever that is! This season was my first attending every day. In all I did 30+ shows over the 6 days, and I can tell you I really enjoyed my bed last night!

Those who have been following my blog all week will have seen in my LFW Precursor that I wanted to shoot Fashion Week from my point of view, showing some of the things that are often not seen by the outside world. So every night after I finished with the shows, I trekked back to my studio to edit my images and get them uploaded... I had some very long days!

So what has my week entailed? Well day 1 started for me with Prophetik at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. They opened with the usual live music, but this time with a performance from acclaimed violinist Analiza Ching. From there, my week involved a lot of running between the various show venues at Somerset House, Covent Garden and beyond!

Highlights for me were seeing one of my favourite models Abbey-Lee Kershaw walk for John Rocha and seeing Mulberry at Claridges. Stand-out looks for me were the big furry sleeves at Osman, or the large collars of Á la Disposition. On an amusing note, and following on from my earlier blog about branding and image, a style blogger stopped me yesterday to take my photo... Must have been the pinstripe suit or the purple shoes that did it!

One downside to having such a hectic week is the mess it's made in my office! What with invites, press releases, brochures and goody bags, I can now hardly see my sofa! Not complaining about the free stuff though! We always like free stuff! :)


If you haven't already, check out my photos from London Fashion Week...

Day #1, Day #2, Day #3, Day #4, Day #5, Day #6Thanks need to go to Lois Waller, Bryan Morel, Felicities, Forward PR, Lynn Furge, Poppy Dinsey.

Next stop... Paris Fashion Week!