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Carnivore Diet Update

I’ve decided to change how I’m doing these carnivore diet updates. I’m still committed to the diet for the time being, however, weekly updates seem to be a little pointless as it’s fast becoming my new normal, and that results in less new stuff to write about.

To that end, I’m going to go to more sporadic updates. I’ll be doing a monthly wrap up, but also pepper the blog with other more specific posts relating to my experiences or things I’ve discovered. Should keep things more interesting, and be easier for me to keep track of. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure which week I’m in anymore! I think it’s week 12 or 13 now, but without going back through my calendar I couldn’t tell you for sure! hahaha!

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My First Time #11 - Raw & Fermented Dairy

Since being on the carnivore diet, I’ve been paying close attention to my nutrition and making sure I’m getting everything my body needs to be healthy. I’ve started making sure I get calves liver on a regular basis as it’s probably the most nutritionally dense food a human can eat, but it’s always good to have other sources of vitamins and minerals to create a balance.

I’ve seen a few people advocate that raw dairy is super good for you due to pasteurisation, whilst killing off harmful things, also killing off many of the really good things in milk, like vitamin C. It stands to reason that milk in essence would be most balanced in it’s raw form, as that’s how we have it from our mothers as babies.

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