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Fragrance Review - Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme

Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme was the first mens fragrance launched by the house back in 1971. Wanting to challenge the traditional notions of masculinity, Yves Saint Laurent chose to pose nude for the advertising campaign. Magnum photographer Jeanloup Sieff shot 14 images of the iconic designer sitting on leather cushions wearing nothing but his eye glasses. All this coincided with Saint Laurent’s unveiling of his 1940’s collection, which shocked the fashion world and probably paved the way for many of todays designers.

A complete blind buy from TK Maxx for a super bargain price, all I had to go by were the notes. On this occasion, the notes are actually stamped onto the side of the bottle, which is the first time I’ve seen that. Being a fragrance from 47 years ago, Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme has undoubtedly had reformulations, although I don’t know how many or when, let alone how close to the original this current iteration is. It’s definitely had some presentation changes over the years, however.

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Fragrance Review - Lapidus Pour Homme

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again... I really must stop blind buying fragrances off Amazon! One day I’ll be caught out and get something horrendous!

I saw a couple of reviews for Lapidus Pour Homme online and they all say not to blind buy this, but apparently I’m crap at taking advice, plus it’s pretty cheap so what the hell?

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The Clothes Whisperer @ D&Me / One Vintage

Just before Christmas, myself and Kristin Knox (aka The Clothes Whisperer) teamed up with Amy Brandon and ran riot at vintage store D&Me in Kensington.

The idea behind this editorial is that of a little girl playing "dress up", albeit in some rather awesome and expensive vintage attire!

D&Me was an amazing location. The stunning clothes and endless supply of props (I never expected a location to have a ready supply of flamingoes!) all added to the styling of the shoot. It was also nice to be somewhere warm when all outside was cold and windy! It's definitely about time I got booked for a shoot in the Maldives I reckon! Anyway, I hope you like the images as much as we enjoyed shooting them. Expect to see a lot more collaborations between myself and the Clothes Whisperer in 2012!

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