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Carnivore Diet - Week Five

I can't believe I've made it into my fifth week of only eating meat. It actually feels normal now. I was even able to go to the local shop and pick up a few bits without being suckered into buying sweets, chocolate or ice cream! That's a huge thing for me, as I have a ridiculous sweet tooth! I've had no really negatives this week at all, so this is going to be a pretty short update.

My favourite meal this week was a slow cooked brisket. Cooked for 4 hours, this thing literally fell apart, and I reckon I could probably have eaten it with a spoon to be honest! It was soooo good, even though all I did was season it with salt and pepper rather than cover it with a sauce or rub. I mean, no doubt, that would have probably made it next level, but well... plants etc.

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Trying the most un-2018 diet ever!

Last year I lost a whole load of weight, and whilst I’m happy with my achievement and the lifestyle changes I’ve implemented, I’m still not at my goal. You can read about how I lost 37lbs last year in my blog post here,

In October last year I had to open surgery, and ever since then, my weight loss has kind of plateaued, regardless of anything I do. As a result, I’ve found my mood getting worse and using food binges as a way to cheer myself up... which they do, for 5 mins, before the guilt sets in for the next couple of days.

Whilst on one of my regular YouTube binges (I rarely watch actual tv anymore), I stumbled across an interview with Mikaela Peterson, who had seemingly cured her arthritis, depression, and a whole host of ailments as well as lose weight using the most un-2018 diet ever... the carnivore diet!

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