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Social Media Breaks

For the past few months I’ve really taken a step back from social media. This wasn’t planned, but with various algorithm changes and the resulting increased demand for content generation, it was all just getting a bit much.

I’ve been on social media since the very beginning and am usually a fairly early adopter of new platforms. Social media has definitely changed a lot over the years, however, and instead of being somewhere you shared whatever you want, it now requires far more thought and curation if your intention is to be successful.

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My Surgery Story

Good news!!!! Just had the all clear from my surgeon that I’m all in the clear! Yay!!!! Although, I spose I should probably give a bit more information about what I had done and why.

Well it’s all tied to trying to be fit and healthy and get in shape (I promise I’m going to blog about all that soon!). Anyway, I was in the gym lifting heavy things, and I suddenly felt a twang in my groin. Not ideal, but put it down to bad form, so I adjusted myself and lifted again... twang again! Was on my last set anyway, so cut my session short and thought no more of it. It was only later that I noticed a lump in my groin. This was right before I left for a photoshoot. I then proceeded to spend my tube journey googling what it could be.

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