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Scooting about

I'm not the most active person in the world when it comes to keeping fit. In fact, that's quite an understatement! I used to be quite fit in my early teen years, but then I hit 17, got a car, and promptly sat on my arse for most of the day Haha!

There was a brief spell during my art college days though, where I would zip about between college and my student house on a micro scooter. I know what you're thinking... grown ups don't use micro scooters! Well two things... Firstly, who says I've ever really grown up? And secondly, my micro scooter was for grown up sized people! So nerr!

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The Next Generation

We always want to work with the best people we can. The people at the top. The ones you read about in books and magazines. Well unfortunately, a lot of the time they only come with big budgets, unless you happen to have a long standing relationship with them. However, everybody starts somewhere, and there's always a new generation of awesomeness on every horizon!

Danielle Ciullo needed a photographer to help out with her final project for her Fashion Promotion BA (Hons) at the University for the Creative Arts, which was where I studied back when it was the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, in Farnham.

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