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Carnivore Diet - Week Four

Trying to keep enough variation in what I’m eating to prevent boredom has meant various impulse buys from Amazon Now. Amazon bought Whole Foods recently and now I have so many more options available when I can’t be bothered to go out to the butchers. The latest purchase was a rack of pork ribs which I slow cooked for about 3 hours. Only downside is that I couldn’t smother them in sticky bbq sauce, but they were still super tasty.

What’s really interesting is that despite really enjoying the ribs, especially as I had pork loin steaks for lunch, I really felt like I was missing the satiation I get from beef. I’ll do more experimentation of the next week or so, but it may be that the higher fat content meats really do make me feel better and more satiated than the leaner meats. I’m actually yet to have chicken since starting this diet for the simple reason that it’s about the leanest meat available, and I can honestly say I’m not craving chicken in any way.

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Carnivore Diet - Week Three

Took 3 days for the bloated feeling to subside, and  a whole week for my weight to return to where it was pre-cheat day. The idea of another weekend cheat day was still appealing in a small way, but only because we naturally want things more when we can’t have them. The main difference this time around was that it was entirely resistible.

As time has passed, I’ve found this diet to become easier and easier. I’m still not bored of eating just meat, and really not craving any kind of fruit or vegetable. I am, however, occasionally getting cravings for fizzy sweets and ice cream, but so far they’ve been short lived.

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Carnivore Diet - Week Two

I started the week still feeling bloated for a good day or two after my cheat day. The dermatitis in my face had also erupted, so generally didn’t really feel all that great.

I was finding supermarket shopping really quick, which makes sense when you only have a single aisle to choose from. It made me realise how much of the food we’re sold is plant based carbohydrate.

Although sticking with steak as the main component to my diet, I was also including other stuff like duck and a lot of bacon!

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Carnivore Diet - Week One

My last post was all about the background and the how and why I'm doing this. Originally I was going to document everything in a single blog post, but it was getting insanely long, so I'm breaking things up and doing a week by week account of my experience on the Carnivore Diet, until I decide to stop doing it, die of malnutrition, or it just becomes my normal way of eating.

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Trying the most un-2018 diet ever!

Last year I lost a whole load of weight, and whilst I’m happy with my achievement and the lifestyle changes I’ve implemented, I’m still not at my goal. You can read about how I lost 37lbs last year in my blog post here,

In October last year I had to open surgery, and ever since then, my weight loss has kind of plateaued, regardless of anything I do. As a result, I’ve found my mood getting worse and using food binges as a way to cheer myself up... which they do, for 5 mins, before the guilt sets in for the next couple of days.

Whilst on one of my regular YouTube binges (I rarely watch actual tv anymore), I stumbled across an interview with Mikaela Peterson, who had seemingly cured her arthritis, depression, and a whole host of ailments as well as lose weight using the most un-2018 diet ever... the carnivore diet!

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Tesco Home Delivery

I don't ask for much in life, and I hate complaining, but lately it seems that the notion "you get what you pay for" is completely false.

Since moving to East London, I've been using Tesco's home delivery service for my food shopping. 3 weeks ago I had a phone call as I was on my way back home from an irate driver outside my flat complaining that I wasn't their for my delivery. I hate being late so my immediate reaction was panic until I realised that the driver was more than half an hour early for my scheduled delivery, and that I wasn't late at all!

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