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Too many men are dying far too young. Around three quarters of all suicides are committed by men, and it’s currently the biggest killer of men under 50. On top of that, more and more men are being diagnosed with prostate and testicular cancer, especially over the age of 45, and yet none of this is spoken about for the most part.

Movember started back in 2003 when two Australian friends, having decided that the moustache needed to be brought back into fashion, decided to try and raise money for charity, specifically a mens health oriented one. The Movember movement was born.

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Fragrance Review - Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’ Eau Fraiche

For much of my early twenties, I wore the original Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’, and then again a few years ago. I also had ‘Le Male Terrible’ too at one point. I’m currently enjoying the great British Summer heatwave we’re having and did a blind buy on this years limited edition ‘Le Male Eau Fraiche’. I assumed it would just be a fresh version of the original, which itself was quite fresh, and while it has a similar base note profile, it’s quite different to what I expected.

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