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Social Media Breaks

For the past few months I’ve really taken a step back from social media. This wasn’t planned, but with various algorithm changes and the resulting increased demand for content generation, it was all just getting a bit much.

I’ve been on social media since the very beginning and am usually a fairly early adopter of new platforms. Social media has definitely changed a lot over the years, however, and instead of being somewhere you shared whatever you want, it now requires far more thought and curation if your intention is to be successful.

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How long before now is retro?

I've been looking at a lot of the cool images that inspire me and trying to work out what it is about them that I like. As many of you know, I love a lot of the photography from some of the great fashion photographers like Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton. Due to the time these guys were working, a lot of their images have a really great retro vibe to them... something I'm seeing replicated a lot in the fashion mags today.

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