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Social Media Breaks

For the past few months I’ve really taken a step back from social media. This wasn’t planned, but with various algorithm changes and the resulting increased demand for content generation, it was all just getting a bit much.

I’ve been on social media since the very beginning and am usually a fairly early adopter of new platforms. Social media has definitely changed a lot over the years, however, and instead of being somewhere you shared whatever you want, it now requires far more thought and curation if your intention is to be successful.

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One of the most important ways of learning and developing ones skills as a photographer, or indeed any other profession, is to be critiqued. Unfortunately, in the professional photography industry, there aren't that many people to be critiqued by.

It's not that there aren't plenty of people out there with an opinion, far from it! But you won't learn much if all people are doing is praising you all the time, (your mum is genetically programmed to think you're amazing!). It helps for people to say what they don't like about an image, or how they think it should be improved. It's also preferable to be critiqued by people with some form of photographic standing, especially if they're the type of person you aspire to be or work with.

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