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What I’m Learning About This Month

I always think it’s important to have a curious mind. Anyone that knows me has probably been bored by my endless supply of largely useless facts and trivia. It pains me to say it, but I’m ‘that guy’ 🤦🏻‍♂️.

I love learning, it’s definitely my ‘thing’. I don’t really like studying or being tested in a formal context, but learning, hearing about, and seeing how things work makes me happy. Last year, my big thing was learning about how the human body works in relation to nutrition, which led me on to learning about hormones and the endocrine system. A while back I learned about latte art and milk foam. I really like etymology and learning about the history of words, and how they came to be. I think it’s important to know something about everything. I’m by no means an expert on any of this stuff... more of an amateur enthusiast 😂

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Olympus trip to Berlin

So on thursday I got whisked away by Olympus to Berlin for the launch of their new 'Photographer's Playground'. Situated in Opernwerkstaetten, a workshop building in the old East Berlin where backdrops were created for the Berlin opera, the playground features a vast array of art installations all begging to be both appreciated and photographed. From a corridor filled with cardboard boxes, each one with it's own spinning wooden ball bouncing to create a truly unique cacophony, to the sealed ecosystem filled with mould, there was easily enough to keep peoples attention. Of course there were drinks and nibbles, as well as plenty of cameras to play with if you didn't have your own, making it easy for everyone to have a play!

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Simple Saturday pleasures

One of the things I love about living where I do, is that within walking distance of my flat, I have access to so much good produce. I'm a big advocate of supporting local business and trade, and I genuinely believe that you get a far superior product! Granted, I'm still waiting for someone to open a good butcher, but despite that, Saturday mornings have now become my regular weekly food shop.In addition to buying all my fresh fruit and veg, one of my favourite things on a saturday morning is to stop by OFM at the Roman Road market for a proper sausage and egg muffin. These things are seriously good. The guys there offer sparkling chat on even the coldest of days, and then serve up a 'brunchfast' that's full of tasty local goodness!

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