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New Years Resolution #1

I have a live hate relationship with New Years resolutions... They’re often far too grand and sustainable to have any chance of lasting much beyond January. However, I do think it’s good to be self critical and take time to identify things you could work on to improve yourself... although it’s kind of dumb to wait until January to make these improvements!  

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Friday Night Chinese

One of the things I love about doing what I do, is the unpredictability of my life. One day I could be in a studio shooting beautiful models, and the next I could be hanging out of the Goodyear Blimp above central London (it really happened!). However, there is one thing that I manage to keep as a constant throughout my weekly routine...

Friday nights mean "Friday Night Chinese". There's nothing better after a hard week than gorging oneself on a feast of carbohydrate and monosodium glutamate, before slipping into a food induced coma!

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