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It's not about you / It's all about you

As a photographer, I like to question everything. I like to understand how things work, why they are how they are, and how it affects what I do. One of my latest ponderings really got me thinking, so I ran it past US based photographer Chase Jarvis for his opinion. Not only did he have his own take, but he also felt compelled to post the question on his blog. I found some of the comments really quite interesting, so thought I would pass on some of my own thoughts.

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Until recently, I've never been one for entering photographic competitions for the simple reason that any form of art is subjective. What one person likes, another person doesn't. A few years ago I entered a competition by accident and ended up winning. I had to attend a posh dinner wearing a suit, and go up on stage to collect my award from Philippa Forrester off the telly! hehe.

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