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Internet Presence

We all have a website, it's a given, but what happens if your website goes down? This has just happened to me, through no fault of my own. My web host have managed to screw everything up during a server transfer and now I'm unable to gain FTP access to my webspace. Not ideal! I'm in the process of setting up with a new hosting company following the inability by my hosting provider to rectify the situation, but thats not the main problem. The main problem is that I currently have no website now, and that doesn't exactly help me get work.

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Technology moves on

There's no doubt that modern digital cameras are advancing quicker and faster than film ever did, and amateur and novice camera users are able to generate stunning imagery with the tools available to them. All this gives rise to a question I keep getting asked over and over again... am I worried that some guy a few yards away can take amazing and technically perfect photographs with his phone? I mean this guy can just click a button and he's got 12+ Megapixels of the latest digital technology at his disposal. That's gotta be seriously worrying to a professional photographer right?

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