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Olympus AF-10 Red 35mm Vintage Camera (1987)

I was hoping this was going to be a review of awesomeness! The latest in a long line of my many obsessions is vintage 35mm film cameras. I’ve been scouring ebay, market stalls and charity shops for the past few weeks, as well as watching youtube videos on the world of analogue photography in 2018. It’s been really fun!

One of my latest finds, got me super excited. I picked up this Olympus AF-10 on ebay for not too much money, but unlike the vast majority of them out there, this one was red!

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It's not the camera...

Talk to any photographer, and number one on irritating comments goes something like "wow, your camera takes amazing photos!". It's the nature of what we do that we can't make photographs without the technology, and as the technology advances, a lot of people assume it does most of the work. It's funny that if someone writes a book, they don't receive comments on how amazing their word processing software is! After seeing this cartoon on "What the Duck", my usual retort is something like this...

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