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NYC Behind the Scenes Video

I’m a bad youtuber. I know the key to growing on YouTube as a platform is consistency, but editing videos takes way longer than I can be bothered with. Capturing interesting video is also far more time consuming than still photography, due to things like alternative angles and b-roll being important to making movies more interesting and compelling. 

On my recent trip to New York City with Olympus PEN, I was lucky that we had someone with us capturing some behind the scenes footage for us.

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Inside Fashion Week

As I've previously posted (here, here and here), I attend Fashion Week every season to see what's hot, and also to support some of my designer friends. I always have a camera with me, so if I ever see something I like, I take a photo of it... this happens a lot during fashion week!

Aaaaaaanyway, I was having lunch with my friend Sasha Wilkins, of Liberty London Girl fame a couple of months back, and she suggested I should give my fashion week images some sort of showcase, and you know what, she was right!

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London Fashion Week SS12

I can't believe that 6 months have gone so quick, but London Fashion Week has come around again already! This season will be especially busy for me as not only have I got the shows to go to, but I've also got a few fashion week photography jobs to do during the week too.

As usual I shall be posting up my visual take on all that Fashion Week has to offer, both here and on my new Photo Diary. You can see what I got up to last season on my London Fashion Week AW11 Round-up blog.

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Photo Diary

Ok, so as was pointed out to me recently, I've been kinda slack with updating my blog. Truth is I've been a busy bee! Having said that, I do have about 10 half written blog posts that I just haven't found the time to finish writing. I'm hoping I'll get some time after London Fashion Week to sit down and finish at least a couple of them, but I can't promise! hahaha.

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