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How I Edit Photos When Travelling

I love travelling, and I’m so lucky that my job has taken me to some epic places around the world. Obviously it’s important for me to have all the tools I need to do my job, but it’s just as important to be able to travel light.

Over the past year, I’ve downsized and streamlined my travel workflow massively, whilst at the same time, increasing my time efficiency, and I thought I’d share my process with you lot.

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How to Improve Your Travel Photography on the Olympus PEN

I’m not a professional travel photographer. I shoot people, whether it be fashion or celebrities, the prime focus of my work is always the person or what they’re wearing. That being said, I do photograph all the places I go. Primarily for myself, but also for social media like Instagram and Twitter. But you know it’s funny, as a guy who makes his living from photography, whenever I go away on a trip, people always compare their own photos to mine. I often hear comments like “I’m not a professional like you”, or “I’m not using a professional camera like yours, so my pictures will be no good”. Seriously, it happens a lot, despite travel photography not being what I do for a living.

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