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The Most Important Thing to Turn on in Your Olympus PEN Camera

Hidden away, deep within the menu systems of the Olympus PEN, in a place rarely seen by many but the most ardent of explorers, is one of the most awesome features, that you really should be using. Even the name of it is awesome! I introduce to you, The Super Control Panel!!!

I don’t know why this isn’t switched on by default, but it’s really easy to turn on, and once on, it will stay on until you go back and disable it. 

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How to Improve Your Travel Photography on the Olympus PEN

I’m not a professional travel photographer. I shoot people, whether it be fashion or celebrities, the prime focus of my work is always the person or what they’re wearing. That being said, I do photograph all the places I go. Primarily for myself, but also for social media like Instagram and Twitter. But you know it’s funny, as a guy who makes his living from photography, whenever I go away on a trip, people always compare their own photos to mine. I often hear comments like “I’m not a professional like you”, or “I’m not using a professional camera like yours, so my pictures will be no good”. Seriously, it happens a lot, despite travel photography not being what I do for a living.

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