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Social Media Breaks

For the past few months I’ve really taken a step back from social media. This wasn’t planned, but with various algorithm changes and the resulting increased demand for content generation, it was all just getting a bit much.

I’ve been on social media since the very beginning and am usually a fairly early adopter of new platforms. Social media has definitely changed a lot over the years, however, and instead of being somewhere you shared whatever you want, it now requires far more thought and curation if your intention is to be successful.

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Body Image Series Part 3 - How Losing Weight Changed Me

I’ve written about my ongoing struggle with my weight, and how I manage to lose 37lbs last year, but I thought it was important to talk a little bit about how all this has affected me mentally.

 As I mentioned in my previous blog... I never considered myself fat, let alone obese. Sure I could do with losing a bit around the middle, but the realisation of my actual size wasn’t until I saw photos of myself. This knocked me sideways, and was made worse shortly after, when I went clothes shopping and couldn’t find anything that fit me.

It’s safe to say that my body confidence at that time was at an all time low. Overtime as I lost a bit of weight here and there, it improved. Then in 2016, when I decided to post more photos of myself on social media, it took another hit, because once again, I was seeing the reality of how I looked, rather than my own mental image. They say ignorance is bliss... when it came to my weight, this was definitely true!

Many people blame social media for all the body confidence and mental health problems in today’s world. I might be in a minority, but I disagree, at least for me anyway. Seeing photos of other people never made me jealous. It was seeing photos of myself that affected me, and it forced me to take action!

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Body Image Series Part 1 - My struggle with my weight

As a child, I was always pretty skinny. I was always outside playing, riding bikes, skateboards, roller skates, climbing trees etc, so exercise wasn’t something I was short of. Likewise, my parents were pretty strict when it came to food. No sweets unless I’d been really good. Fizzy drinks were only for special occasions, and fast food was a very rare treat! This continued right through my teens, when my teenage growth spurt turned my into a proper bean pole!

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Friday Night Chinese

One of the things I love about doing what I do, is the unpredictability of my life. One day I could be in a studio shooting beautiful models, and the next I could be hanging out of the Goodyear Blimp above central London (it really happened!). However, there is one thing that I manage to keep as a constant throughout my weekly routine...

Friday nights mean "Friday Night Chinese". There's nothing better after a hard week than gorging oneself on a feast of carbohydrate and monosodium glutamate, before slipping into a food induced coma!

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Inspiration : Holly Webber

Ok so, up until now, my "inspiration" blogs have been about photographers that inspire me. Well I was lucky to meet and shoot a truly inspirational person a couple of weeks ago. Holly Webber is one of those people you meet who has a true zest for life. She's happy and makes you smile.

So what makes her so inspirational? Well sure, she has the same trials and tribulations as any other 25 year old. In fact, as I write this, she's complaining of a cold, complete with "dripping nose". She has dreams of a house in the country, marriage and children. The kind of dreams anyone else might have. Unfortunately, in January 2010, Holly was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer, and it's now terminal.

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Smiling and the Pursuit of Happiness

I've been doing a lot of looking inward at myself lately, working out my various flaws and how I can achieve all the things I want to achieve. Last year I spent far too much time telling myself that life isn't fair, and complaining that I don't get the same breaks as other people. Well life isn't fair, deal with it. You can't always change the things around you, at least not instantly, but you can change yourself. One thing I noticed is that I'm often not "happy". That's not to say I'm always miserable, but more often than not, I'm just "ok"... which is fine. But I don't want to be just fine... I want to be happy! We all do, don't we?

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