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Fragrance Review - Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’ Eau Fraiche

For much of my early twenties, I wore the original Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’, and then again a few years ago. I also had ‘Le Male Terrible’ too at one point. I’m currently enjoying the great British Summer heatwave we’re having and did a blind buy on this years limited edition ‘Le Male Eau Fraiche’. I assumed it would just be a fresh version of the original, which itself was quite fresh, and while it has a similar base note profile, it’s quite different to what I expected.

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Notes & Noses - Expanding my Fragrance Arsenal

I wrote a while back about wanting to learn more about fragrance, and more specifically, get away from the typical man thing of having a single scent that I wear all the time, every day, for years and years!

I’ve found myself watching an increasing amount of fragrance review videos on YouTube, which is all well and good, but you can’t smell any of the recommendations through a screen. In an ideal world, I’d like to attend some sort of workshop to teach me more, but in lieu of that, I came up with a genius plan, which also had the added bonus of making use of some otherwise dead time!

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