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Workflow : JP Omari

I was commissioned to shoot some images to promote JP's StreetFunk, a Brighton based dance company. I'd known JP for a while, having worked with him before. He's a breakdancer, who also featured on the BBC's Strictly Dance Fever programme in 2006. Even during the first phonecall from JP, I knew what I wanted to do with him. He told me he wanted some edgy shots to help promote his business in the local area. I told him I was going to get him "jumping over Brighton Pier". He didn't believe me, but was up for giving it a go!

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Award Winner!!!

I attended the SWPP Annual Awards Dinner last sunday and was very shocked to pick up my first ever award! I hadn't expected to win any award as I don't generally enter competitions due to the subjective nature of photography. I actually entered this one by accident after taking part in a weekly fun competition. I had no idea that my image would have been put forward for this award afterwards. Either way, I'm extremely happy!

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