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Notes & Noses - Expanding my Fragrance Arsenal

I wrote a while back about wanting to learn more about fragrance, and more specifically, get away from the typical man thing of having a single scent that I wear all the time, every day, for years and years!

I’ve found myself watching an increasing amount of fragrance review videos on YouTube, which is all well and good, but you can’t smell any of the recommendations through a screen. In an ideal world, I’d like to attend some sort of workshop to teach me more, but in lieu of that, I came up with a genius plan, which also had the added bonus of making use of some otherwise dead time!

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What I’m Learning About This Month

I always think it’s important to have a curious mind. Anyone that knows me has probably been bored by my endless supply of largely useless facts and trivia. It pains me to say it, but I’m ‘that guy’ 🤦🏻‍♂️.

I love learning, it’s definitely my ‘thing’. I don’t really like studying or being tested in a formal context, but learning, hearing about, and seeing how things work makes me happy. Last year, my big thing was learning about how the human body works in relation to nutrition, which led me on to learning about hormones and the endocrine system. A while back I learned about latte art and milk foam. I really like etymology and learning about the history of words, and how they came to be. I think it’s important to know something about everything. I’m by no means an expert on any of this stuff... more of an amateur enthusiast 😂

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Out : Paris Fashion Week AW11

So a week after finishing all 6 days of London, I re-joined the fashion circus in Paris, for 9 days of shows and exhibitions. Unlike London though, where I was there purely to see the shows for myself, at Paris I was shooting for New York based magazine, The Dirty Durty Diary.

I've always said my worst nightmare job would be in the pit at a fashion show, and after 9 days of it my opinion hasn't changed much. Pit photographers are quite territorial, and mark out there position and defend it to the death haha! I'm just too placid and laid back to fight for position. Plus, most of the central positions will be taken at least an hour before the start of the show, so if you're doing lots of shows, you'll never get in the middle. Thankfully, I've always preferred to shoot models from low, so sitting on the floor at the front worked well for me anyway... although I did often end up with a sore arse!

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