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Book Review : Helmut Newton

Part of the Thames & Hudson 'Photofile' series, this Helmut Newton book is smaller than almost all my other photo books, but much like a cover, you shouldn't judge a book by its size either.

Sandwiched between an insightful introduction by none other than Karl Lagerfeld, and an interview by Helmut, on Helmut, this book is features 64 of his best works. I've blogged about Helmut Newton in the past, and this book has actually made me appreciate him even more. So many of his images could easily feature in fashion magazines today, with many of today's photographers taking cues from his ever changing style.

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Inspiration : Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton once said, "Some people`s photography is an art. Mine is not. If they happen to be exhibited in a gallery or a museum, that`s fine. But that`s not why I do them. I`m a gun for hire." To many people, Helmut Newton is the father of fashion photographer. He was there at the beginning, and it's his images that helped shape the way many of the people that followed.

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