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Fragrance Review - 4711 Original Eau de Cologne

I never expected to be reviewing one of the oldest fragrances available, and on top of that, I never expected it to be available so cheaply! 4711 is advertised as the ‘original eau de cologne’ and whilst there is supposedly an Italian fragrance that’s older, this one actually comes from Cologne, Germany, so it definitely wins in that department!

I stumbled upon a review of 4711 when looking for light gym fragrances, and given the price, I figured I’d give it a try, so yet another Amazon blind buy to add to my collection.

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My Surgery Story

Good news!!!! Just had the all clear from my surgeon that I’m all in the clear! Yay!!!! Although, I spose I should probably give a bit more information about what I had done and why.

Well it’s all tied to trying to be fit and healthy and get in shape (I promise I’m going to blog about all that soon!). Anyway, I was in the gym lifting heavy things, and I suddenly felt a twang in my groin. Not ideal, but put it down to bad form, so I adjusted myself and lifted again... twang again! Was on my last set anyway, so cut my session short and thought no more of it. It was only later that I noticed a lump in my groin. This was right before I left for a photoshoot. I then proceeded to spend my tube journey googling what it could be.

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