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She’s Alive!

I posted last week about my dead gaming PC, and that I had gone back to the motherboard seller. Well I ended up returning it via Amazon and requesting a refund. They said they need to test it, which will take 7-10 days, but I was pretty confident that it was the motherboard at fault. In fact, I was so confident that I actually just ordered a replacement anyway, which arrived just under a week ago.

I decided to stick with the same brand, because by and large, the reviews seem pretty decent. Plus there’s more chance the cables will be in roughly the same place, and that makes it way quicker and less fussy to install the new one. I did, however, decide on a different model, just in case lightning chose to strike twice!

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My Gaming PC Died

A few months back I blogged the step by step process of building my first gaming pc. It was a really fun experience and gaming on a machine that I built myself was such a thrill.

I was hoping at this point to have done a few posts on some of the games I play and maybe do a couple of reviews on the peripherals I use, but work and life have kept me a little too busy, which is no bad thing and definitely not something I’m complaining about!

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