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Classic Movie Review - Ben Hur

At 3hrs 42mins, the 1959 release of Ben Hur has to be one of the longest films I’ve ever seen! Starring Charlton Heston, this was actually a remake of a silent movie from 1925, and has since been remade again in 2016. That being said, this is the one most people talk about when they mention Ben Hur.

Due to its length, I’d been putting this one off for ages. Dedicating almost 4 hours to a single movie is a proper commitment, and not one you can do at half nine on weeknight!

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Classic Movie Review - American Graffiti

The first classic movie in my loooooong list to see is American Graffiti. As a huge Star Wars fan, I was always aware of this film being how George Lucas first made his name.

I chose to watch this first, simply because I was shooting a fashion editorial today in a retro American Diner, so it kind of fit with my general theme for the day. Going into it, I didn’t really know what it was about or what to expect. I knew the general setting of cars, diners and Americana, but that was about it.

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