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Why I’m Choosing to Wear my Apple Watch Less

Back in September, I did a review of my Apple Watch Series 2. I mentioned in that post that I always felt compelled to wear it, at the expense of aesthetics, due to functionality and the fitness data it collects, which has been amazing for my continued health and weight loss mission. Well recently, with me questioning how invested I am in the Apple ecosystem, I’ve begun to wear my Apple Watch a lot less.

As I said in my review, the Apple Watch is an amazing piece of tech, and I do love it. It’s also really helped to change my life and get me to a point where I’m relatively happy with my body image and my general state of health, so I’m still glad I own it.

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Beautiful Design - Alessi Juicy Salif

Been trying to be a bit healthier and I heard that warm lemon water in the morning was a good way to start the day. Of course, being a lover of design, I couldn’t just get any old lemon squeezer, so I figured I’d go all in and get one of the most iconic pieces of design in modern history… The Alessi Juicy Salif.

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