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Body Image Series Part 2 - How I lost 37lbs in less than a year

I’ve struggled with my weight since my early 20’s, and have gone through a couple of phases in terms of getting in shape. Unfortunately, despite having lost a shit tonne of weight, I was still overweight, and because we now live in a social media world, there were increasing amounts of photos of me to highlight that fact! 

I knew I wanted to get in shape, and look good in photos, but like most people, my head was full of misinformation and dogma about how to do it. 

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New Years Resolution #1

I have a live hate relationship with New Years resolutions... They’re often far too grand and sustainable to have any chance of lasting much beyond January. However, I do think it’s good to be self critical and take time to identify things you could work on to improve yourself... although it’s kind of dumb to wait until January to make these improvements!  

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Body Image Series Part 1 - My struggle with my weight

As a child, I was always pretty skinny. I was always outside playing, riding bikes, skateboards, roller skates, climbing trees etc, so exercise wasn’t something I was short of. Likewise, my parents were pretty strict when it came to food. No sweets unless I’d been really good. Fizzy drinks were only for special occasions, and fast food was a very rare treat! This continued right through my teens, when my teenage growth spurt turned my into a proper bean pole!

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My Surgery Story

Good news!!!! Just had the all clear from my surgeon that I’m all in the clear! Yay!!!! Although, I spose I should probably give a bit more information about what I had done and why.

Well it’s all tied to trying to be fit and healthy and get in shape (I promise I’m going to blog about all that soon!). Anyway, I was in the gym lifting heavy things, and I suddenly felt a twang in my groin. Not ideal, but put it down to bad form, so I adjusted myself and lifted again... twang again! Was on my last set anyway, so cut my session short and thought no more of it. It was only later that I noticed a lump in my groin. This was right before I left for a photoshoot. I then proceeded to spend my tube journey googling what it could be.

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Scooting about

I'm not the most active person in the world when it comes to keeping fit. In fact, that's quite an understatement! I used to be quite fit in my early teen years, but then I hit 17, got a car, and promptly sat on my arse for most of the day Haha!

There was a brief spell during my art college days though, where I would zip about between college and my student house on a micro scooter. I know what you're thinking... grown ups don't use micro scooters! Well two things... Firstly, who says I've ever really grown up? And secondly, my micro scooter was for grown up sized people! So nerr!

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