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Olympus 'OM-D Events' Workshop

I've always been sceptical about my teaching abilities in the past, so when Olympus asked if I would be up for doing a couple of workshops as part of their OM-D Events series, I was a little apprehensive. My main concern was how was I going to fill the 4 hour time slot with decent and worthwhile content that people would find both informative and inspiring?

I've never given any talks before, so I had no clue how long things take to talk about, but after a couple of days with a notepad and pen (old skool is still the way to brainstorm!), I managed to put together a decent framework. The main point of my talk was always going to be more theoretical and philosophical, rather than showing people lighting setups and the like. There are plenty of people out there teaching that kind of stuff.

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Olympus OM-D shoot for Olympus User Magazine - Behind The Scenes
Olympus OM-D shoot for Olympus User Magazine
Olympus User Magazine : OM-D Review

The summer 2012 edition of Olympus User magazine is out featuring a review of mine on the new Olympus OM-D. The editor of the magazine asked for my opinion on the camera and whether it could be used on a shoot.

I'll be putting a full review on here very soon, so until then, you'll have to grab yourself a copy of the magazine.

Olympus User is available now

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