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My First Time #1 Spotted Dick

As much as I love ‘things’, it’s experiences that I think need to be collected. There are so many things I’ve never done, seen or tried, so I thought it was about time I started to change that.

I don’t really have a list, let alone a bucket list. This is more a case of, when opportunity arises, I’m going to choose the option I’ve never gone with before. A lot of the time, these might be small silly choices, but there are obviously a huge amount of places in the world I’ve never been, and things I’ve never seen!

This all started when I was food shopping and noticed that steamed puddings were on special. I love a steamed pudding when it’s cold outside... definitely a good winter warmer. Thing is, I’d never had Spotted Dick before, and wasn’t even entirely sure what it was. I mean obviously I’d heard of it before, and I still snigger a little bit like the child I am, but beyond that, I was pretty clueless... so I thought it was about time to try it... I mean it was on special anyway right?

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Philosophies from 032c

A couple of weeks ago a friend put a copy of 032c magazinein front of me and told me to borrow it because he thought it would be "right up my street". It's quite a big chunk of magazine. Anyway, I took it away and after a quick scan through, I found a few images I liked, and a few that I was a little 'meh' about. Anyway, it wasn't until I sat down with a nice cup of tea that I stumbled upon some amazing passages near the front that really spoke to me.Anyone who knows me personally, knows I often spend far too much time thinking about things. I'm often searching for the whys and the wherefores in life and work, so these short philosophical texts are very much "right up my street".My friend wants his magazine back so I thought I'd keep a record of my favourite passages, but then thought it better that I share them. There are a lot more in the magazine, and one would assume there are more in other issues.

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