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2012 retrospective, and looking ahead

Well here we are, another year ends, and another begins, and wow, what a year! I often find myself feeling like I'm not moving ahead, but when I take the time to stop and look around at where I've come from, I really am moving, and at a pretty good rate!

So what happened in 2012? I got a whole host of new clients, as well as maintaining my existing ones. I did a lot of soul searching about what makes me tick, and what I'm aiming to achieve in my work. A landmark event was moving to East London, into my own flat (although I still can't decide which photos to put on the walls!). I've always said, that one of my goals is to be paid to travel the world taking photographs, and two trips to Germany and one to San Francisco were certainly highlights! I also taught my first photography workshop for Olympus, which was extremely well received!

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Olympus User : Focus On Imaging Special

You may remember my feature in Olympus User last year. Well as part of their promotional teaser magazine for Focus on Imaging, Olympus User used the opening spread from my feature. The magazine was given out on the Olympus stand which was one of the larger exhibits at the event, showcasing the new Olympus OM-D (which I really want!), complete with Strictly Come Dancing's Ola and James Jordan.

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The Next Generation

We always want to work with the best people we can. The people at the top. The ones you read about in books and magazines. Well unfortunately, a lot of the time they only come with big budgets, unless you happen to have a long standing relationship with them. However, everybody starts somewhere, and there's always a new generation of awesomeness on every horizon!

Danielle Ciullo needed a photographer to help out with her final project for her Fashion Promotion BA (Hons) at the University for the Creative Arts, which was where I studied back when it was the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, in Farnham.

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The Printed Image

I love living in the digital age! It's amazing! We can do more than ever before, and especially in photographic terms, we don't have to worry about the time and cost of film processing. The trouble is, as result of not needing to print our images, we often don't. This is a shame, because printed images are so much nicer to look at, and not only that, they give the image more value than when it's just on screen. Especially since mobile devices are playing a bigger part in how we view the world. Images are not only very rarely printed anymore, they're also getting smaller!

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