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Workflow : JP Omari

I was commissioned to shoot some images to promote JP's StreetFunk, a Brighton based dance company. I'd known JP for a while, having worked with him before. He's a breakdancer, who also featured on the BBC's Strictly Dance Fever programme in 2006. Even during the first phonecall from JP, I knew what I wanted to do with him. He told me he wanted some edgy shots to help promote his business in the local area. I told him I was going to get him "jumping over Brighton Pier". He didn't believe me, but was up for giving it a go!

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I'm often asking all you people out there what it is you'd like me to blog about, and every time I get asked about the same types of subjects, workflow, equipment, techniques. So I tried to work out why... As photographers, we're often trying to find a benchmark as to how good we are. Sure, we can ask friends, but they give us biased opinions. It's hard to get constructive critiques from peers, so we're often left with self evaluation... which is usually the worst kind! So how does this relate to people asking me how I do what I do? It's simple... Validation.

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Size Matters

Generally speaking I don't go for the whole "gear head" thing. I believe that it's the person behind the camera that's creating the image, and not the tool in his/her hands. After all, that's what a camera is... a tool. You wouldn't compliment a sculptor on his amazing chisels, or tell a painter that his brushes paint beautiful paintings, would you? That said, I do believe that having the right tools for job is important, and having the best tools, whilst not making you a better artist, will help you achieve your full potential.

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