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Classic Movie Review - Dirty Harry

There’s no doubting that Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood legend, so it’s probablt about time I saw the movie that made him a superstar. One of my favourite Eastwood movies is Firefox, but this is an entirely different affair.

The first thing I noticed at the beginning of Dirty Harry was the classic 70s cop vibes from the music. The soundtrack was by Lalo Schifrin, who also did the soundtrack for Bullitt, the last classic movie I watched... which, like this, was set in San Francisco. Seemed a fitting movie to follow it on with.

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Classic Movie Review - Metropolis

Continuing my mission to watch more of the classic movies I’ve never seen, my latest film was Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ from 1927.

Being German, this is the first non-American film from my list, and possibly the oldest. It’s also the first black and white film on the list, and the first time I’ve ever watched a silent movie. 

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Classic Movie Review - Se7en

Se7en is one of the more recent movies on my list, but for some reason I never saw it until now, despite being aware of it since it’s 1995 release.

In many ways, this is a classic detective movie, following the murder investigation by Det. Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and Det. Mills (Brad Pitt). Where this differs from the likes of Columbo or Quincy is that this is far darker and more graphic. There were a couple of moments where I thought I’d figured it out, only to be completely wrong. It’s the hallmark of a great film that can keep you guessing about the outcome right up until the end of the movie, and this certainly did that. 

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Classic Movie Review - African Queen

Of the many classic movies I’ve had recommended to me, this one surprised me with how much hype I received for it. Seems as though most people I know, especially the women, really love this film.

After I started watching, I did get vague recollections of walking through the living room as a kid and seeing it on the tv, before promptly leaving to play with my toys. I mean, why would I want to watch an ‘old film’ right?

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Classic Movie Review - American Graffiti

The first classic movie in my loooooong list to see is American Graffiti. As a huge Star Wars fan, I was always aware of this film being how George Lucas first made his name.

I chose to watch this first, simply because I was shooting a fashion editorial today in a retro American Diner, so it kind of fit with my general theme for the day. Going into it, I didn’t really know what it was about or what to expect. I knew the general setting of cars, diners and Americana, but that was about it.

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Classic Movies I Should Have Seen By Now!

I love movies! I definitely prefer to sit in front of a screen and watch a story unfold than to read it from the pages of a book. In an age of never ending Top 5/10/50/100 rundowns, I often see lists of all time classic movies ‘everyone should have seen’ ...and you know what? I’ve hardly seen any of them!

I guess I’ve always just been more drawn to new Hollywood blockbusters as they come out, rather than films made before I was born... I mean some of them aren’t even in colour!!! Hahaha!

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