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It's not about you / It's all about you

As a photographer, I like to question everything. I like to understand how things work, why they are how they are, and how it affects what I do. One of my latest ponderings really got me thinking, so I ran it past US based photographer Chase Jarvis for his opinion. Not only did he have his own take, but he also felt compelled to post the question on his blog. I found some of the comments really quite interesting, so thought I would pass on some of my own thoughts.

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The iPhone is the new Lomo!

The reason it's irrelevant is that the photographic process should start with an idea, or a scenario... not a technique! So many people say they lack inspiration or don't know what to shoot. This is because they're doing things backwards. It's like having a car and trying to think of somewhere to drive to... most people won't be able to decide, because there are so many possibilities. Photography is the same... decide where you want to go, before you decide how you want to get there!

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