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Too many men are dying far too young. Around three quarters of all suicides are committed by men, and it’s currently the biggest killer of men under 50. On top of that, more and more men are being diagnosed with prostate and testicular cancer, especially over the age of 45, and yet none of this is spoken about for the most part.

Movember started back in 2003 when two Australian friends, having decided that the moustache needed to be brought back into fashion, decided to try and raise money for charity, specifically a mens health oriented one. The Movember movement was born.

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Girl Vs Cancer

Have you ever met one of those people that you have nothing but admiration for? A few years ago I met blogger and PR, Lauren Mahon when I was teaching a photography workshop. She was super enthusiastic and chatty, which always makes me warm to someone.

A few months later and we’re sitting at the Barbican, eating cookies after she’s just dropped the breast cancer bomb. I was amazed though, because she almost made it sound like a good thing. Here was someone in a life threatening situation, and not only was she being positive, but also had a complete game plan of how she was going to make the most out of beating it... and there was no doubt that she was always going to beat it, she’s that determined!

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Inspiration : Holly Webber

Ok so, up until now, my "inspiration" blogs have been about photographers that inspire me. Well I was lucky to meet and shoot a truly inspirational person a couple of weeks ago. Holly Webber is one of those people you meet who has a true zest for life. She's happy and makes you smile.

So what makes her so inspirational? Well sure, she has the same trials and tribulations as any other 25 year old. In fact, as I write this, she's complaining of a cold, complete with "dripping nose". She has dreams of a house in the country, marriage and children. The kind of dreams anyone else might have. Unfortunately, in January 2010, Holly was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer, and it's now terminal.

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