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Fighting for your rights! Part 2

In March I blogged about my court battle with Damien Morley regarding his use of my images on his website. Well winning in court is only half the battle, getting paid the money you're owed is often a very different story, so I thought I would post 'part 2' of the story.

So we pick up the story in the court room in Watford, with Mr Morley being told he has 2 weeks to pay the money he owes. Mr Morley's immediate reply is that he has no money and can't pay anything. The judge is quick to say that non payment isn't an option and it's up to Mr Morley and myself to find a suitable payment plan between us that I am happy with before the 2 weeks is up. He says he'll need to look at all the figures, but will be in touch with a proposal.

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Fighting for your rights! Part 1

I'm a strong believer in standing up for your rights. I've blogged about it before, but as some of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebookwill be aware, I was forced to fight for my rights in front of a judge today.Back in 2010 I was made aware of 6 of my images being used on a website by photographer Damien Morley alongside prices that he charged for photoshoots. Obviously I hadn't supplied the images to him to use, nor was I receiving any payment for their use, so I sent him a letter with an invoice (at the amount he was advertising the cost of such photographs to be, rather than my own figures) for his usage of them and said that if he settled my invoice then nothing more would be said of it. Mr Morley took the images down (which in itself demonstrated to me that he knew that he was at fault), but he made it clear that he wasn't prepared to pay.

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