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Body Image Series Part 2 - How I lost 37lbs in less than a year

I’ve struggled with my weight since my early 20’s, and have gone through a couple of phases in terms of getting in shape. Unfortunately, despite having lost a shit tonne of weight, I was still overweight, and because we now live in a social media world, there were increasing amounts of photos of me to highlight that fact! 

I knew I wanted to get in shape, and look good in photos, but like most people, my head was full of misinformation and dogma about how to do it. 

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Simple Saturday pleasures

One of the things I love about living where I do, is that within walking distance of my flat, I have access to so much good produce. I'm a big advocate of supporting local business and trade, and I genuinely believe that you get a far superior product! Granted, I'm still waiting for someone to open a good butcher, but despite that, Saturday mornings have now become my regular weekly food shop.In addition to buying all my fresh fruit and veg, one of my favourite things on a saturday morning is to stop by OFM at the Roman Road market for a proper sausage and egg muffin. These things are seriously good. The guys there offer sparkling chat on even the coldest of days, and then serve up a 'brunchfast' that's full of tasty local goodness!

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In and out of San Francisco

Just before Christmas I picked up a new client for a very nice job in San Francisco. It was a very short trip though! I left London on December 21st, shot at lunchtime on the 22nd, edited in the afternoon, then flew back the following day. 21 hours flying in a couple of days! Good job I love to travel! Hehe

Firstly, I'm really loving this whole electronic check-in via my iPhone malarky. It's the future, I tell thee! So after arriving in the US, and having a conversation with immigration about the pros and cons of digital vs film, I jumped in a cab and headed off to the hotel. After checking in and dropping my bag off in the hotel room, I went out for some much needed sustenance. On a recommendation from the awesome beatnik concierge, I ate at Tommy's Joynt. I'm still not entirely sure what I ate exactly. The people in the queue before me ordered something that looked amazing, so I had what they had! It was basically a roasted ham of some sort with mashed potato. It was epic though! After food, I went for a quick wander before heading back to the hotel to make sure I was fresh for my photoshoot in the morning.

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