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2011 Retrospective Book

As I mentioned in my 2011 Retrospective blog at the end of the year, I put together a book of all my favourite photos of the year (as I do every year). I use Blurbto get my books printed, and I have to say on this occasion they've really out done themselves!

I had a 25% discount voucher that needed to be used up by the end of 2011, so I submitted my order on the 31st December. I'm shocked that it's now the 6th of January, and I have the book in my hands. With a 2 day shipping service, that's a 4 day turnaround... over the new year period! Combined with the price, I really can't find any reason to go anywhere else!

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Book Review : Helmut Newton

Part of the Thames & Hudson 'Photofile' series, this Helmut Newton book is smaller than almost all my other photo books, but much like a cover, you shouldn't judge a book by its size either.

Sandwiched between an insightful introduction by none other than Karl Lagerfeld, and an interview by Helmut, on Helmut, this book is features 64 of his best works. I've blogged about Helmut Newton in the past, and this book has actually made me appreciate him even more. So many of his images could easily feature in fashion magazines today, with many of today's photographers taking cues from his ever changing style.

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Ferrari Opus : The World's Most Expensive Book!

I'm a massive fan of big photography books. There's something amazing about the printed image that the digital world has yet to re-create. At the écurie25 Silverstone launch, I was able to take a look at the world's most expensive book!

With it's diamanté crest adorning the front cover, and it's strictly limited sale to only 1 per country, the Ferrari Opus is yours for a mere $275,000! Thankfully, there are cheaper versions for the less extravagant amongst you, starting at a paltry £2,000.

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Out : London Fashion Week AW11 - A Precursor

So here we go for a hardcore week of fashion shows, networking and parties! I blogged about my first experience of London Fashion Week back in September, and thanks to Lois Waller, this year I'm attending even more shows across the entire week!I've been thinking long and hard over the past couple of days about how to blog about the various shows I'm attending. I'm not a fashion writer, and my blog isn't a "fashion blog", although I am extremely interested in fashion and style... it helps to like what you take photos of!So rather than just emulate every other fashion blog out there and write about the various collections, I thought I would be different and simply post up my photos. After all, I'm a photographer right, and I've never been one for standing at the end of a runway shooting the same images as the next guy.

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