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Despite only returning to the whole blogging thing a few weeks ago, turns out today is a bit of a birthday. My first ever blog post was December 15th 2007... literally 10 years ago!!!!

Now obviously I’m not claiming to have blogged consistently for the entirety of the past 10 years. I haven’t blogged at all (besides the odd Guest blog on other people’s) for he past 4 years, but it’s still kinda crazy to think about the idea of blogging being that old, when we still talk about it being a ‘new thing’.

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Featured on Olympus Imagespace

Olympus Imagespace is a great website for anyone with an Olympus camera. It's the main source for information about all the upcoming photography workshops and events. Many of them are even free.

They also have a blog, and yours truly has a new post on there all about how I got into photography. Check it out here!

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Switching to Wordpress

Some of you may have noticed that my blog has switched from Blogger to Wordpress. I've done this for various reasons. Firstly, I want to keep my own content on my own hosting package. Blogger is owned by Google, and a while back they stopped people from self hosting, and now force people to upload their images to Picasa. I generally don't like to be forced into anything I don't want to. Following on from that, I'm going off Google as a company. I just feel they have too many fingers in too many pies, and as such, don't really trust them with my content.

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