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Lazy Girl's Guide for Harper's Bazaar

Shooting with Katie Ball is always fun. I also love that it's one of the rare opportunities I get to shoot in black and white for work purposes. I love that we share a mutual love for the photography of old.

Check out Harper's Bazaar's Lazy Girl's Guide to a Healthier New Year over at

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Featured on Olympus Imagespace

Olympus Imagespace is a great website for anyone with an Olympus camera. It's the main source for information about all the upcoming photography workshops and events. Many of them are even free.

They also have a blog, and yours truly has a new post on there all about how I got into photography. Check it out here!

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Photo Professional Magazine Feature : 06/11

For those out there who enjoyed reading about my workflow, like the shot I did of JP Omari jumping over Brighton Pier, you might want to grab yourself a copy of Photo Professional magazine. This month, there's a 5 page interview with me which talks about various shoots and how I go about my work. There's also some lighting diagrams to show how I've set up the shots.

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