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Happy Halloween

To be honest, my head is still firmly in the summertime, however, the nights are drawing in, and the clocks have already gone back… which as usual, I forgot about and was weirded out when I noticed times not matching in my flat anymore! More often than not, I’m too busy to remember things like Halloween until October 31st when people ask me what I’m doing, and I reply with ‘oh crap, is that today?’

This year, I thought at the very least, I’ll carve a Halloween Pumpkin. The last time I did one was in 2012, and I was pretty pleased with it to be honest. I always like to outdo my previous efforts though, in anything. Plus I went to art college, so I should be decent at stuff like this right?

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Scooting about

I'm not the most active person in the world when it comes to keeping fit. In fact, that's quite an understatement! I used to be quite fit in my early teen years, but then I hit 17, got a car, and promptly sat on my arse for most of the day Haha!

There was a brief spell during my art college days though, where I would zip about between college and my student house on a micro scooter. I know what you're thinking... grown ups don't use micro scooters! Well two things... Firstly, who says I've ever really grown up? And secondly, my micro scooter was for grown up sized people! So nerr!

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