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How to Photograph Fashion Week

I’ve been going to fashion week for years, and I always see people making the same photographic mistakes season after season.

Last year I made a couple of videos containing tips on how to improve your fashion week photography.

The first is all about runway shows and how to get the best shots from the side of the catwalk rather than the photographers pit at the end. I’ve included various images that show you don’t necessarily need to be sitting front row to get interesting photos. 

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Inside Fashion Week

As I've previously posted (here, here and here), I attend Fashion Week every season to see what's hot, and also to support some of my designer friends. I always have a camera with me, so if I ever see something I like, I take a photo of it... this happens a lot during fashion week!

Aaaaaaanyway, I was having lunch with my friend Sasha Wilkins, of Liberty London Girl fame a couple of months back, and she suggested I should give my fashion week images some sort of showcase, and you know what, she was right!

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Out : Paris Fashion Week AW11

So a week after finishing all 6 days of London, I re-joined the fashion circus in Paris, for 9 days of shows and exhibitions. Unlike London though, where I was there purely to see the shows for myself, at Paris I was shooting for New York based magazine, The Dirty Durty Diary.

I've always said my worst nightmare job would be in the pit at a fashion show, and after 9 days of it my opinion hasn't changed much. Pit photographers are quite territorial, and mark out there position and defend it to the death haha! I'm just too placid and laid back to fight for position. Plus, most of the central positions will be taken at least an hour before the start of the show, so if you're doing lots of shows, you'll never get in the middle. Thankfully, I've always preferred to shoot models from low, so sitting on the floor at the front worked well for me anyway... although I did often end up with a sore arse!

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Out : LFW Round-Up

So London Fashion Week AW11 is over. It's back to normality... whatever that is! This season was my first attending every day. In all I did 30+ shows over the 6 days, and I can tell you I really enjoyed my bed last night!

Those who have been following my blog all week will have seen in my LFW Precursor that I wanted to shoot Fashion Week from my point of view, showing some of the things that are often not seen by the outside world. So every night after I finished with the shows, I trekked back to my studio to edit my images and get them uploaded... I had some very long days!

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