My Gaming PC Died


A few months back I blogged the step by step process of building my first gaming pc. It was a really fun experience and gaming on a machine that I built myself was such a thrill.

I was hoping at this point to have done a few posts on some of the games I play and maybe do a couple of reviews on the peripherals I use, but work and life have kept me a little too busy, which is no bad thing and definitely not something I’m complaining about! 

Last week, I found myself with a bit of downtime for the first time in ages and decided to boot up and play something. Unfortunately, I was greeted with a blank screen!  Obviously, I tried turning things off and on again a few times, but still nothing.


After much Googling, I found myself unplugging things and plugging them back in, resetting the CMOS and the BIOS, checking the motherboard battery in an attempt to breathe life into my machine, but was all to no avail.

I’m by no means an IT expert by any stretch, but as far as I can tell, it looks as though my motherboard has given up. It gets power because the ambient lights come on and the fans spin, but it doesn’t get as far as any sort of beep or post.

I’ve gone back to the seller on Amazon, so with any luck, between us we can solve the problem or they can send a replacement board... assuming that’s even the problem!

If there’s any IT wizards out there who may know how to get me up and running, leave some solutions below in the comments, and if you’re a gamer, are there any games you think I should play as my gaming experience is fairly limited to only a few games so far.