Carnivore Diet - Week Nine

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Diary Ribeye Steak Beef Grass Fed

I started week 9 of my carnivore diet experiment with a trip to the butcher. I got myself a big slab of ribeye and for the second time, 3 slices of calves liver. Liver is still not my favourite, but it’s so healthy I’m gonna hopefully get used to it. Would help if I could work out how to present it in a more attractive way haha!

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Diary Beef Ribeye Steak Grass Fed Calves Liver

So steak and liver for dinner was my first meal of what would turn out to be an interesting week for this diet. 

I spent half the week in Milan for work, and with Italy being the carbohydrate capital of the world due to pasta, pizza, focaccia, cannoli and gelato, I was worried this diet would prove to be unworkable.

Turns out my fears were largely misplaced. On the first night, I went with Parma ham and mozzarella for a starter. I asked them to leave the melon off, but clearly the kitchen didn’t get the memo, so I donated that to someone else. I followed this up by ordering the steak tartare. What better than raw meat for a carnivore right? Funny thing was that the waiter wheeled it out for a fancy presentation, and offered me all kinds of things to have mixed in with it. He really didn’t understand how I just wanted the meat with the egg yolk, salt and pepper haha. I do have to say it looked a bit sorry on the plate, but it tasted amazing! 

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Diary Milan Italy Cured Meat Cheese Mozzarella Travel
Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Diary Milan Italy Travel Beef Steak Tartare

The following day, we went for a big lunch. Cured meat and cheese again for me. I actually ordered the sharing platter for 2, just for myself. It came with a bunch of random olives and tomatoes and some sort of jam. They were promptly removed. There was also some leaves underneath, which I worked around.

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Diary Milan Italy Travel Cured Meat Cheese
Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Diary Milan Italy Travel Unwanted Garnish Tomatoes

That night, we stayed in to do some work, so went back to our airBnB via the supermarket. Cured meat and cheese again for me. On this occasion though, I was able to choose specific meats with high levels of fat content, which was pretty good.

The real mind blowing thing, and I’m actually really sceptical about it still, was at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. I love my coffee, so this was a pretty awesome experience. It’s basically an Apple Store for Starbucks, which specialises in small batch coffee beans. I opted for a syphon brewed Brazilian coffee which was awesome, but that’s not the exciting part.

They made ice cream... using cold brew coffee and liquid nitrogen! I asked several times if they put sugar in it, and they said it was literally coffee, milk and liquid nitrogen, ergo carnivore friendly! This stuff was amazing. I love coffee ice cream, and this was super smooth, and way sweeter than I expected. That might just be because I haven’t had any sweet food in almost 2 months, or maybe they used full fat milk. Either way, I very much enjoyed it, although I’m still convinced that it was a cheat! 

Carnivore Diet Zero Carb Diary Milan Italy Travel Starbucks Reserve Roastery Sorbetto Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Cold Brew Syphon Brewed Coffee

The last day of the trip, I ended up getting a bunless, sauceless burger. It tasted great, although I couldn’t probably have done with 3 or 4 of them. Kept me going though.

I was surprised how easy it was to find food as a carnivore in Milan. Especially when I was accompanied by a celiac and a vegetarian. It could just be that Milan is a modern city, and I might struggle out in more rural parts of Italy, but even so, it wasn’t difficult to find places to eat. It did help that I daily fast, because that meant I could skip breakfast, which as far as I could tell, was 100% carb!